One of AIT’s most notable innovations.

In-house Brand

Abul International Trading (AIT) has been constantly innovating to deliver an unmatched level of service to its clients in the hotel, airline, and spa industries. One of AIT’s most notable innovations was the creation of its in-house brand “Hotel Collection.” The Hotel Collection brand was established with the aim of simplifying the ordering process for in-stock amenities for hotels. By consolidating all in-stock amenities under the Hotel Collection brand, AIT ensures that hotel guests are presented with a consistent brand and design throughout their stay, leading to a more seamless and enjoyable experience.

The Hotel Collection line boasts an extensive range of high-quality amenities, carefully selected to provide a luxurious feel to any hotel stay. AIT’s attention to detail is evident in the “Hotel Collection” logo, which is prominently displayed on all branded items, adding to the sense of exclusivity and refinement for guests.

Furthermore, AIT ensures that the Hotel Collection brand is readily available for purchase by
hotels throughout the year, ensuring a consistent supply of amenities to enhance guest
experiences. The Hotel Collection line is available for purchase by the carton, making it easy for hotels to order and manage their inventory.

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