Staying true, honest and focused on what is most important to us

1. About the Brand

From the heart of the island of Bali’s farming province comes Sensatia Botanicals. A company dedicated to its fine, natural products, local people & rich culture

Sensatia was founded in year 2000 in the small, quiet fishing village of Jasri, Karangasem on the east coast of Bali. From its humble beginnings, Sensatia started as a profit-sharing cooperation and is proud to continue in this manner promoting equality amongst workers and

In 2000 we started with just 3 employees, after just 18 months we were ecstatic to involve & empower 23 Balinese people developing & producing Sensatia products. Now we are more than 100 dedicated people strong, producing international quality products in a GMP Certified production facility, complete with a QC department, a certified calibrated microbiology & chemical lab and a pharmacist that oversees the production and safety assessment of every single batch before it leaves Sensatia’s loading dock.

Staying true, honest and focused on what is most important to us has provided us with some exciting and considerable growth over the last few years.

Using Sensatia, AIT offers affordable, high-quality retail and bulk size products to hotels, spas, salons, massage therapists as well as directly to consumers.

2. Products

From the very beginning Sensatia Botanicals has been dedicated to producing 100% natural products; incorporating a very holistic, organic approach, with a strong love & connection with the land; “Old Bali” style.

The product development goal has been to always use fresh, 100% natural, basic ingredients you know and understand. With this in mind, you will find all of the raw materials to be fresh, wholesome, gentle, and good for you. Sensatia is the real deal & we are quietly, very proud of that!

The product goal is to be able to produce the finest, most natural product on the market that really works. In other words less fluff, more sustenance, while still being able to provide a price point that makes sense to our customers.This has brought the evolution of Sensatia retail shops which allow us to go from manufacturers cost directly to retail.

With over 150 product registrations with Indonesia’s Health Ministry (BPOM) and in the Middle East, Sensatia is leading the pack bringing homegrown goodness to a highly competitive professional level. In fact, in January 2015 Sensatia became Bali’s first GMP Certified Cosmetic production company.

3. Distribution

Sensatia Botanicals’ products are the perfect addition to any outlet that is looking to offer their clientele high-end, 100% natural and organic beauty products.

Whether getting pampered before a wedding, dressing up for the interview of lifetime or simply looking for a change of style we all know that using the best products makes you look your best. Sensatia Botanicals has developed a range of products that are perfect for meeting only the highest standards.

Sensatia Botanicals provides the widest range of organic and natural skin and beauty care products which include: face and body soaps, body butters and milks, hair care oils, facial nurturing creams, facial cleansers and toners, bath salts, essential oils and a wide range of bath and shower products.

Through AIT, Sensatia Botanicals offers distribution to sub-distributors in the GCC as well as distribution to Hotels & Resorts, Salons and Spas and Retail Resellers.

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3. Franchising

Sensatia Botanicals Global commitment to retail opportunity is based upon a Socially Optimal Solution vs. Nash Equilibrium, offering the best of both worlds by considering all aspects from the Franchisee’s perspective and the Consumer’s satisfaction.

The estimated return of initial investment is of course an important aspect that could be stated or promoted, but as always, each retail reality is unique. We at Sensatia have already tested these waters with a surprisingly fresh result: a number of extremely successful retail stores already in existence in Ubud and a few others planned for opening in Kuta and Seminyak, as well as a wide partner network of distributors and retailers across the world including Russia, the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and the Middle East.

We have created a highly attractive price point structure, that is Franchisee beneficial, ultimately providing the shortest return on investment that facilitates meeting our breakeven target of within 12 to 18 months of commencing operation.

We look forward to officially welcoming you to our community-based, globally inspired Sensatia family.


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